Collaborating with BAC Mono, Haydale claimed a world first, using graphene in the wheel arches and diffuser body panels of the single seater Mono supercar. The result; increased mechanical performance and weight reduction.

BAC Mono automotive

Haydale and BAC are now entering into a technical and commercial partnership agreement. The aim; to further develop and commercialise the use of graphene and other nanomaterials in this performance vehicle. The program will also investigate the use of graphene in vehicle diagnostics and provide driver/vehicle interfaces.

This partnership will enable BAC to use our graphene based technology in further development of the Mono supercar and its future evolutions.


Weight saving by optimised composite is one of the most significant benefits, and the use of printed sensors using our graphene based inks will also open up a wide range of technical possibilities to further optimise the design, improving vehicle performance and driver safety.