We are able to manufacture complex products using advanced materials through 3D printing.

Our graphene-enhanced polylactic acid (PLA) filaments are improving the speed, strength, quality and accuracy of 3D printing. Our USA facility is producing silicon carbide fibres that will be used in the next generation metal matrix products.

Wear Resistant Technical Ceramics

Haydale offers C-TUFF™ press-ready engineered blends of alumina and C-TUFF™ silicon carbide microfibres for use in difficult situations where metals and other materials fail. Harsh chemical environments, highly abrasive situations, and high temperature situations are no match for these materials.

C-TUFF™ excels in dynamic operating environments requiring very high temperature stability. In these environments, its fracture and impact resistance far exceeds other ceramic materials commonly used today.

Haydale offers a variety of materials products for wear resistant ceramics:

  • SI-TUFF™ pure, deaglommerated SiC microfibres for reinforcing ceramic composites
  • C-TUFF™ ceramic blends: press-ready powders for producing wear resistant parts
  • Custom-order wear parts: send us your part design and we will take care of the rest

For most wear applications, Haydale recommends C-TUFF™ CT-8 dry-press ready powder. For applications requiring utmost fracture resistance, such as in ceramic cutting tools, C-TUFF™ HA9S may be considered.

C-TUFF™ Ceramic Blends

C-TUFF™ ceramic composites are engineered blends of high-purity aluminum oxide and Silar® silicon carbide microfibres. They are characterised by extreme hardness, outstanding compressive strength, and rigidity. Parts made with C-TUFF™ materials offer exceptional fracture resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, and dimensional stability. They are completely inert and can be used in the most demanding physical and chemical environments.

C-TUFF™ is offered in two grades:

  • HA9S – hot press-ready ceramic blend: Applications include high-performance ceramic cutting tools and ceramic wear parts requiring utmost fracture resistance. Supplied without a binder for hot pressing. Higher SiC whisker content for utmost fracture resistance. C-TUFF™ HA9S is a press-ready engineered blend of silicon carbide whisker and alumina used to produce high-performance ceramic cutting tools. It is characterised by excellent fracture resistance, thermal dissipation, wear resistance, and thermal shock resistance. HA9S has a high level of silicon carbide whisker to deliver the utmost performance.  It has exceptional fracture toughness and is suited for the most demanding applications. HA9S uses Silar Silicon Carbide Whiskers. We produce the highest purity, lowest particulate SiC whiskers out there. We developed the original whisker reinforced cutting tool patents and have the best performing cutting tools on the market.
  • C-TUFF™ CT-8: is a dry press-ready engineered blend of silicon carbide whiskers and alumina used to produce highly wear resistant ceramics. It is characterised by exceptional wear resistance and thermal and dimensional stability. Applications include dies, pipe liners, nozzles, and other critical process equipment. CT-8 has lower levels of SiC whisker to enable the product to be dry-pressed and sintered at atmospheric pressures. No hot-pressing or pressure-assisted sintering is required. Dry-pressing permits near-net shape parts to be produced with no green machining, reducing processing costs. It can also be extruded.

SI-TUFF™ Performance SiC for Coatings, Polymers, 3D Printing

SI-TUFF™ Performance Silicon Carbide is a new type of reinforcing additive for protective coatings. It toughens coatings, increases wear resistance, and extends their service lifetime. It may be used in liquid and powder coatings of all chemistries and application methods, and it is safe for food contact.

If used properly, SI-TUFF™ is expected to increase service lifetime by 20-50%. Some customers have improved performance by 70%. The primary benefit of SI-TUFF™ is improved scratch and abrasion resistance, which results in increased service lifetime. Secondary benefits include enhanced thermal conductivity and stability, impact resistance, and hardness. If you think you already have the toughest coating, it can almost always be made tougher with SI-TUFF™.

SI-TUFF™ Performance Silicon Carbide is primarily used when the coatings formulator is challenged with improving wear resistance without compromising other critical properties. SI-TUFF™ is uniquely valuable for these applications because it improves wear resistance at low loading levels, such that it does not affect other properties including non-stick, friction, and flexibility. For example, it may be used in non-stick cookware and bakeware coatings without affecting release properties, or it may be used in piping coatings without decreasing flexibility and impact resistance.

The best way to get started is by reading the Applications Guide. The objectives of this guide are to:
  • Explain what SI-TUFF™ Performance Silicon Carbide can do for you, as well as what it cannot do
  • Discuss the engineering behind why SI-TUFF™ works
  • Review the different product grades of SI-TUFF™ that are available
  • Help you avoid common pitfalls
  • Provide guidelines to enable successful design