The unique properties of graphene are being used to create material change to full effect in the sports industry as they look to enhance performance to gain competitive advantage.

We are engaged in numerous projects to capture the benefits of graphene to improve sporting performance and safety. We are working with bike companies to design and build high performance frames.

Graphene-enhanced carbon fibre and composite products which can be made which are stronger and lighter than their predecessors.

Wearable Technology

We have recently been awarded a contract by the English Institute for Sport (‘EIS’) for the development of advanced wearable technology for elite athletes in training for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in collaboration with the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (‘WCPC’), Swansea University.



Stronger and lighter frames can be created using graphene-enhanced composites. There is also scope for improving safety by the use of graphene-enhanced materials in helmets and apparel.



Graphene can be used to improve the dynamic performance of skis. The result will be a lighter, faster, and more responsive product.

Tennis Racquets

Our graphene-enhanced composites can create lighter and more resistant products. We can also enhance the weight distribution which can create better energy transfer.

Initial work is taking place to incorporate Haydale’s advanced materials into flexible, printable coatings which will be embedded into a range of apparel for elite athletes. Initial deliverables include prototype wearable technology garments which demonstrate the form, technical functionality and wearability aspects required by elite athletes. Production is then expected for garments for use by athletes during their training and in competitions up to 2020.

The aim is to drive Haydale’s wearable technology know-how in developing progressively smaller hardware components, quicker and cheaper printing techniques and methods of introducing these technologies into clothing manufacturing processes.

In collaboration with WCPC, Haydale has developed and refined a range of proprietary printing inks, which fulfill a range of functions in sensing and conditioning, combined with ease of printing for use in the wearable technology market which is growing rapidly.