Global technology solutions company Haydale & Dassi Bikes- an innovative British designer and manufacturer of high end, high performance bicycles, are collaborating to develop and commercialise the next generation of nanomaterial enhanced carbon fibre composite performance bicycle frames.

Dassi approached Haydale with specific performance requirements in terms of mechanical properties, weight and vibration damping for a carbon fibre bicycle frame for Dassi’s Interceptor Range. Following this, Haydale has worked closely with the Dassi team to formulate a nanomaterial enhanced carbon fibre prepreg to meet these performance requirements. The resulting composite material has been used to manufacture several bicycle frames for full scale testing.

Dassi bike

Haydale satisfied Dassi’s technical requirements in terms of a credible supply chain for a high-quality nanomaterial enhanced carbon fibre material, that delivers repeatable performance characteristics.

Haydale and Dassi have recently announced that they are entering into a Manufacturing and Strategic Development Agreement, comprised of two elements.

• The supply of graphene enhanced carbon fibre prepreg for the manufacture of Dassi’s range of bikes.

• Haydale and Dassi to work together to commercially exploit the increased mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of functionalised nanomaterial enhanced materials for a broader range of Dassi products.