Haydale demonstrate world first Graphene ‘Hot Seat’ at the Advanced Materials Show 2024

Haydale, leaders in the field of plasma functionalisation of advanced materials were excited to display for the first time in public, their revolutionary new solution to automotive seat heating labelled the ‘Hot Seat’ at the NEC in Birmingham.

Using their patented process and unique materials, Haydale has developed an alternative to existing automotive seat heating technology.

Specialists in conductive ink, this revolutionary development of graphene has seen the production of a seat heater that is faster to heat, uses less energy and offers a green and eco-friendly alternative to the current solutions. Using the same technology in place for their Underfloor Heating range of products under development, Haydale has now adapted this to provide a novel application for heated seating.


The new Graphene enhanced Hot Seat from Haydale.


Guests and visitors from a range of industries including automotive, aerospace and energy production trialled the ‘Hot Seat’ for themselves and gave a huge thumbs up to the concept. Haydale will now work with selected partners to drive this innovation to market, look out for further news soon!

For further information please contact us on info@haydale.com