Where we are creating material change

At Haydale we can enhance the performance of material applications across a variety of industries.

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The unique properties of graphene are being used to create material change to full effect in the sports industry as they look to enhance performance to gain competitive advantage.

We are engaged in numerous projects to capture the benefits of graphene to improve sporting performance and safety. We are working with bike companies to design and build high performance frames.

Graphene enhanced carbon fibre and composite products which can be made which are stronger and lighter than their predecessors. Applications include:


  • Tennis racquets – our graphene enhanced composites can create lighter and more resistant products. We can also enhance the weight distribution which can create better energy transfer.
  • Cycling – Stronger and lighter frames can be created using graphene enhanced composites. There is also scope for improving safety by the use of graphene enhanced materials in helmets and apparel.
  • Skiing –  graphene can be used to improve the dynamic performance of skis. The result will be a lighter, faster, and more responsive product.