Haydale Graphene Industries plc is pleased to announce that Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd (“HCS”) a wholly owned subsidiary of Haydale has appointed 3DFilaPrint as its distributor of their graphene enhanced 3D Printing PLA filaments in the United Kingdom and Eire (“Agreement”).

Following the launch of Haydale’s graphene enhanced PLA filaments (see Company announcement dated 11 August 2016), HCS received over 140 enquires from universities, 3D printers, 3D equipment manufacturers and 3D filament distributors from all over the world at the recent TCT show in Birmingham. 3DFilaPrint and HCS also gave out over 100 test sample spools to potential customers.

3DFilaPrint are now selling Haydale graphene enhanced PLA on their website (http://shop.3dfilaprint.com) which is going to be the first of a family of graphene enhanced thermoplastic filaments with improved mechanical, electrical, thermal or physical property improvements. This first graphene enhanced PLA has already been sampled by several 3D printers who have confirmed it out performs engineering polymers such as ABS and PETG in terms of temperature performance, is very easy to print, provides an excellent surface finish, has improved first layer and inter-layer adhesion with excellent dimensional stability and reduced warpage.

Further details of the Agreement
The Agreement is initially for a period of one year. The Agreement includes certain order quantities of products expected to be purchased each quarter by 3DFilaPrint from HCS (such amounts increasing quarterly over the initial duration of the contract). The expected order quantities are not however guaranteed.

Gerry Boyce, Managing Director of HCS commented: “We are very pleased with the successful launch of this new product at the TCT show and positive feedback from the 3D printing trials conducted on our graphene enhanced PLA. Since commencing our collaboration with 3DFilaPrint, it was evident they were ideally suited to be our distributor in the UK and Eire. We continue to receive interest from companies all over the world wishing to act as distributors for Haydale, which we will assess. In addition, we are comforted by the number of large industrial companies approaching us to develop bespoke materials for their individual needs.”

Commenting on the UK and Eire distributorship, Tim Kay from 3DFilaPrint commented: “During printing trials, we were very impressed with the graphene enhanced PLA filament and can see a major opportunity to offer this new material in the market place. PLA based filaments are relatively easy to 3D print with and the addition of graphene has made this into a material with engineering or industrial properties and we look forward to working with our clients and HCS on selling this material into the market place as well as advising on the next generation of products.