Haydale, the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that it has signed a supply agreement to provide 76kg of its propriety piezoresistive ink to HP1 Technologies Ltd. (HP1T) over an 18-month period (‘Supply Agreement’). The value of the Supply Agreement is not disclosed due to its commercially sensitive nature.

HP1T creates bespoke flexible, printed, functionalised nano carbon-based sensor systems that can measure and collect high quality impact and pressure data. This newly signed supply agreement will see Haydale become HP1T’s single supplier of functionalised nano carbon inks.

Working in collaboration with HP1T, the functionalised ink will be used to create printed sensors, allowing HP1T to monitor changes when mechanical stress is applied. Combining Haydale’s piezoresistive inks, intelligent printing and HP1T’s software and technology, HP1T’s initial focus will be on using the pressure sensors in helmets as a diagnostic, however HP1T is also undertaking trials with adapting its sensor system for use in a variety of applications including aerospace, military, robotics and utilities.

This initial supply is required for the first stage of development for a HP1T customer.

David Banks, Haydale Interim Executive Chairman, said: “This Supply Agreement demonstrates a significant step forward in the commercialisation of our functionalised nano carbon-based inks. We welcome the opportunity to work with HP1T in these early development stages and we look forward to developing the relationship further.”

Keith Broadbent, Haydale COO, said: “Following significant recent development, it is great to see industry benefiting from our functionalised nano carbon-based inks. This Supply Agreement represents one of many industries that can benefit from our inks and we look forward to building on this in the coming months.”