Haydale is pleased to announce the successful application for grant of a patent in China.

This Haydale patent is one of a number arising from the families of patent applications surrounding the Haydale plasma process and once administrative details are complete is expected to be granted in August 2015.

Commenting, Ray Gibbs, Haydale Chief Executive said: “I am very pleased that our application for a patent in China has been allowed. This confirmation that we will soon be granted our first patent is a real milestone in our IP strategy and protects our key technologies. We are continually developing new ideas and, where appropriate, protecting and enhancing our IP with patent applications. In addition, we have over the past 2 years substantially developed our knowhow, which serves to protect our competitive advantage even further. Whilst our focus in the Far East has been mainly Korea, China is of course, a major market. According to some research China is the region with the most graphene related patent applications and a revenue CAGR of 95% to 2020 driven in the main by “graphene” composites.