Haydale, the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that, following significant investment in production capabilities in its US facility in Greer, South Carolina as announced in May 2018, Haydale is to begin commercial production of its ceramic blanks for the cutting tool industry.

Historically, Haydale’s operations in the US has produced engineered ceramic powders containing proprietary silicon carbide whiskers for the cutting tool industry worldwide. Due to customer demand, Haydale invested approximately $1.5 million in its own production facilities and will now utilise internally produced engineered ceramic blends to manufacture and sell sintered ceramic blanks for the cutting tool industry.

Initial quantities of ceramic blanks have been well received and qualified with major jet engine and aerospace manufacturers worldwide and the team are now working towards scaling up to commercial production quantities.

Tom Quantrille, President & CEO of Haydale Technologies Inc. in the United States, said:This long-term investment is an ideal opportunity for Haydale to meet the needs of our customers. Haydale has invested in its facilities to produce these sintered ceramic blanks in large quantity which will enable us to provide exceptional value to our customers while offering additional opportunities for new products to be developed.”

Keith Broadbent, Haydale CEO, said:Following this significant investment, it is great to see the US facility increasing its value and position in the market. We look forward to benefiting from this customer-driven growth.