Next Level Analysis for Haydale Functionalised Nanomaterials

Haydale has been awarded an Innovate UK Analysis for Innovators (A4I) project to explore the mechanisms by which the Haydale plasma functionalisation processes enables property improvements in polymers containing functionalised nanomaterials; properties such as mechanical strength, thermal, and electrical conductivity. The project enables Haydale to gain access to world leading experts and cutting-edge facilities by collaborating with the National Physical [...]

April 21st, 2020|

Exclusive Distributor Agreement for Electrically Conductive Graphene-Enhanced Masterbatch

Haydale is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive distributor agreement (“the Agreement”) between Haydale and Dalian Yibang Technology Co., Ltd (“DLYB”). The Agreement is for an initial period of 4 years and allows DLYB exclusive distributor rights to market Haydale’s electrically conductive graphene-enhanced masterbatch in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. The Agreement sees DLYB pay Haydale an [...]

April 8th, 2020|

iCraft Launch Graphene Cosmetic Face Mask Featuring Haydale Graphene Nano-Platelets

Haydale is pleased to announce that its graphene has been incorporated into iCraft’s recently launched cosmetic face mask sheet. These sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics which utilise the thermal and electrical conductivity of graphene to help the skin absorb its contents through bioelectric currents. Haydale has supplied graphene to iCraft since May 2019 for development work in a number [...]

March 6th, 2020|

Haydale and Welsh Centre for Printing and Coatings Awarded English Institute for Sport Contract

Following its contract announcement on 18th September 2018, Haydale will now collaborate with the English Institute for Sport (EIS) and the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) to deliver a range of advanced wearable technology sport apparel for elite athletes. Haydale is pleased to report that initial prototype testing has been completed in live performance sessions with elite athletes [...]

March 6th, 2020|

Haydale’s Composite Transition Piece Installed at National Grid’s Compression Sites

Haydale has had its composite transition piece (CTP) installed at one of National Grid’s 24 compression sites, as part of a project to help them meet tighter emissions control limits. Further CTP’s are in the process of being fitted at additional compression sites. National Grid’s gas compression facilities are required to comply with the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) [...]

January 6th, 2020|

Result of AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Company ("AGM") was held at 2.00 p.m. today at its Harwell offices at Quad One, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Becquerel Avenue, Harwell, Didcot, Oxon OX11 0RA. All of the resolutions put to members were duly passed. The number of votes lodged by proxy for and against each of the resolutions proposed, and the [...]

December 19th, 2019|

Subscription to Raise £450,000

Haydale is pleased to announce a subscription for new ordinary shares of £0.02 each to raise £450,000 before expenses (the "Subscription"). The Subscription funds will be used for general working capital purposes. The Company had approximately £2.47 million of cash as at 31 October 2019. Details of the Subscription, Issue of Equity and Total Voting Rights Pursuant to the Subscription, [...]

November 25th, 2019|

Appointment of Group Chief Financial Officer

is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Chapman as the Group ’s new Chief Financial Officer and director of the Company with immediate effect. Mark replaces Laura Redman-Thomas who, as was announced last month, has left to take up a new role. For the last 19 years, Mark held a number of CFO and COO roles within international companies [...]

November 22nd, 2019|

Haydale Launches Functionalised Graphene Enhanced Prepreg for Lightning Strike Protection

Haydale has launched a range of graphene-enhanced prepreg material for lightning-strike protection, utilising functionalised nanomaterials to improve the electrical conductivity. The material has been developed in collaboration with Airbus UK, BAE Systems, GE Aviation and Element Materials Technology Warwick Ltd, within the NATEP-supported GraCELs 2[1] project where the first iterations of materials were developed and subjected to lighting strike tests. [...]

November 4th, 2019|

Haydale Receives Order for Ceramic Blanks for US Cutting Tools Industry

Haydale is pleased to announce that, following commencement of commercial production of ceramic blanks in June, Haydale Ceramic Technologies LLC (“HCT”), based in South Carolina, US, has now received an order to the value of US$700,000. This order is from a large US cutting tool manufacturer and follows a trial order of 33,000 ceramic blank units previously delivered by HCT [...]

October 15th, 2019|

Haydale Graphene-enhanced Composite Tooling and Automotive Body Panels Showcased on New BAC Mono R

Haydale, the global advanced materials group, announces that its graphene-enhanced prepreg has been incorporated in the composite tooling and automotive body panels in the new BAC Mono R, which made its debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Briggs Automotive Company (BAC), working alongside both Haydale and Pentaxia, built the light-weight BAC Mono R body using Haydale’s graphene-enhanced carbon composite materials. [...]

August 29th, 2019|

Haydale Launches Advanced Nanomaterial Additives for Elastomers at IRC 2019

Haydale, the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that it will be launching a range of functionalised nanomaterials pre-dispersed in process oils for improvements in the properties of elastomers at IRC 2019, where Haydale is also Gold Sponsor.   Working alongside Trelleborg Antivibration Solutions and Artis, and utilising its patented HDPlas® functionalisation process and extensive expertise in nanomaterial [...]

August 7th, 2019|


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