Haydale is pleased to announce receipt of the Certificate of Grant from the Patent Office of the Commonwealth of Australia. This grant relates to the key process patent underlying the Company’s proprietary functionalisation treatment and is one of a number arising from the families of patent applications surrounding the Haydale plasma process.

Furthermore, as announced on 14 October 2015, the European Patent Office (EPO) duly granted the European patent to Haydale on 4 November 2015 and the Company has now received the Certificate of Grant from the EPO in respect of this grant.

Ray Gibbs, CEO at Haydale, commented:  “As with the earlier grant by the EPO, the patent award in Australia covers all nano particles, not just graphene, which provides Haydale with the protection to develop an extended range of nano materials. I am pleased that we now have our IP protected in China, Australia and Europe. Part of our strategy for growth is the continual development of our technology and the protection of this IP through patent applications. I look forward to being able to announce further patent awards in other territories in due course.