Haydale has developed a range of functionalised nanomaterial additives for use in elastomer product manufacturing.

Materials are currently available as highly loaded functionalised nanomaterial dispersions in process oils and offer enhanced mechanical, physical, electrical and thermal properties of elastomer compounds. Haydale has an ongoing program for the development new products and can also supply bespoke products to customer specifications as required.

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Using our patented HDPlas® functionalisation process and extensive expertise in nanomaterial science and engineering we have created a range of nanomaterial loaded process oils, in which the nanomaterials are pre-dispersed. When compounded into an elastomer they will deliver the specific property enhancements as desired to meet customer requirements.

Our unique capability to mix, mould and test elastomers means that we can work closely with our customers to develop cost effective, tailored solutions for volume manufacture.

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Haydale specialises in the design, testing, certification and commercialisation of nanomaterial enhanced products. Our highly qualified team of engineers and scientists are skilled in all aspects of product development, including:

  • Materials selection
  • Process development and specification
  • Structural design
  • Finite Element Analysis and modelling
  • Product testing and certification

We consider the complete product cycle from ideas and innovation to manufacture and commercialisation and lead the way in developing solutions across a wide range of products and sectors.

A recent study carried out in conjunction with Martins Rubber used Haydales HDPlas™ functionalised multi-wall carbon nanotubes alongside a HNBR to find specific benefits. Read more on the Martins Rubber website, here.

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