Nano and advanced materials offer exciting possibilities for creating high performance materials and products. The development process is challenging and exacting.

Haydale Consultancy

We have assembled a talented team of scientists, engineers and business leaders who work with customers to enable the benefits of our advanced materials to be fully exploited and commercialised.

We are helping world-wide and market leading organisations create a new generation of products incorporating high performance materials based on graphene, silicon carbide and other nanoparticles.

Our team works with you in an open and collaborative way to create transformational solutions tailored and engineered to your exact requirements. Whether you want to improve resin properties, or increase thermal or electrical conductivity, or a combination of all, we can help. 


  • Identify the best advanced materials for your needs
  • Choose the route that enables us to integrate the nanomaterials into your product
  • Transform the product through homogeneous ‘nanomaterial dispersion’