Jargon Buster

Functionalisation – You can’t make anything with 100% graphene. In order to utilise the benefits of graphene you need to add it to something. Functionalisation is the surface activation of graphene, which enables it to spread and bond into other materials. It can then act as a sophisticated additive to change the properties of the material. The process Haydale uses to functionalise graphene is unique and can be very varied, depending on the end result required. It is dry and environmentally friendly, making Haydale stand out from the competition.

Composite Materials– Composites are typically made from a combination of fibers and resin which have significantly different properties. By adding graphene to existing resins used in composites you can improve existing qualities and reduce weight.

Carbon nanotubes – Carbon nanotubes come in two types; single walled and multi walled. They are tube shaped cylinders of carbon atoms with a diameter which measures on the nanometer scale. For comparison a nanometre is one ten-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. They have extraordinary characteristics of strength, elasticity and conductivity and the potential to revolutionise technology.

2D materials – 2 dimensional materials are materials which consist of just a single layer of atoms. Graphene is one of many single layered materials, many of which have promising applications on their own.

Graphene nanoplatelets – This is a material which is made of between 11 and 100 layers of graphene. Unlike singled layered graphene which is manufactured in a laboratory, graphene nanoplatelets are mined from the ground from sites including Sri Lanka, Sweden and Canada. It works in a similar way to pure graphene, but because it is course, it is more cost efficient.

Graphite vs graphene – The difference between graphite and graphene is in the dimensions. Graphite is a 3 dimensional material, a stack of more than 100 graphene planes sitting on top of each other. Graphene is 2 dimensional, a single layer of carbon atoms. Graphene is able to offer its wonderful properties once it is isolated from graphite.