Haydale – Creating Material Change

We are a global technology solutions company, passionate about creating the next generation of advanced materials to improve mechanical, thermal and electrical properties for our customers products.

We bring together cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise alongside our patented HDPlas® functionalisation process which revolutionises repeatable performance and continued commercialisation of nanomaterials. Our world leading HDPlas® process has the potential to be a major spearhead in the drive to keep the UK at the forefront of world technology.

We have established a secure, robust and sustainable supply chain to support the manufacture of advanced materials. This enables us to deliver repeatable, consistent and outstanding performance. We are also ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

The key to repeatable performance and continued commercialisation of nanomaterials is functionalisation.

Functionalisation underpins everything we do.

Our technology innovation areas

Functionalised nanomaterials to protect against lightning strike – increasing through-thickness electrical conductivity by 600% with the potential to go further and silicon carbide fibre for hard edge cutting tools to manufacture turbine blades.

Graphene-enhanced prepreg for tooling and parts, improving mechanical or thermal properties, design expertise and silicon carbide coatings.


Optimised graphene and silver inks for biosensor devices, compatible with diagnostic self-test readers for diabetes patients – showing potential for large-scale cost reduction.


Silicon Carbide, graphene and composite solutions for the energy and infrastructure sectors. Extending the lifecycle of assets.

Graphene enhanced 3D printing filament for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Working with a major cookware brand on scratch resistant coatings with improved thermal response.


Nano-enhanced prepreg for transforming sports equipment and improving performance and graphene-based printed sensors and heating elements for use in new wearable technologies.


Graphene-enhanced material R&D for future boat builds and sail concepts, delivering weight reduction and increased strength.


High-Quality Graphene Nano Platelets are used to enhance antibacterial effect of face masks. With a breathable, washable and ergonomic design.


What we do

Graphene and other nanomaterials have the potential to transform the world we live in and deliver benefits across a multitude of industries, helping to increase technical performance and reducing cost. We:

  • Use tailored advanced materials to enhance the quality and performance of our customers’ products.
  • Develop nanomaterial resins for the prepreg carbon  fibre market to deliver enhanced electrical, thermal or mechanical performance to the aerospace, automotive and other hi-tech industries.
  • Offer nanomaterial enhanced polymers for additive manufacturing that allow better products to be made  faster.
  • Formulate proprietary nanomaterial-based inks and coatings for the print and sensor markets, including regulatory approved ink for biomedical sensors , sporting goods and anti-counterfeiting.
  • Manufacture unique, proprietary silicon carbide fibres and whiskers that strengthen ceramics and enable highly scratch and wear resistant coatings with enhanced abrasion resistance. Used across multiple applications as diverse as cookware coatings, cutting tools  that make jet engine turbine blades and corrosion protection for oil and gas pipelines.

How we do it

At Haydale we work to harness the potential of advanced materials through rigorous technical development, creativity and a focus on profitable business outcomes.

It all starts with our people. We have assembled a talented team of scientists, engineers and business leaders who will work with customers to enable the benefits of graphene and our other advanced materials to be fully exploited and commercialised.

We have established a secure, dedicated supply chain to support our robust manufacturing of advanced materials, enabling us to provide high quality solutions with repeatable and sustainable performance.

We collaborate with ‘best in class’ customers and strategic partners using a portfolio of advanced materials and application expertise. We have the materials and process technology to address wide ranging customer needs.

We are at the start of the fourth industrial revolution and we are helping companies seize new opportunities.