Case studies

Increased composite tool life with Prepreg from Haydale Nano-enhanced epoxy resin case study in hyper car and HGV's

Increased composite tool life

The challenge to improve composite tools Haydale approached Prodrive UK, who agreed to produce ...

CeramycGuard concrete surface treatment

CeramycGuard as a concrete surface treatment The universal nature of CeramycGuard as a concrete ...
Graphene Enhanced Bicycle Tyre compound case study Haydale Vittoria SpA project

Haydale and Vittoria partner for innovation

Partnership to supply functionalised graphene In 2022, Haydale and Italian manufacturers Vittoria announced a ...
Graphene in Biomedical sensors

Improving patient care with sensing technology

Biomedical sensor inks for use in biosensing and diagnostic applications Haydale has developed a ...
Graphene Kayaks case study Haydale Norse Kayaks

Haydale paddles forward with Norse Kayaks

Kayak using graphene-enhanced material Haydale partnered with Norse Kayaks, a small kayak manufacturing company ...

Turning up the heat

Haydale developing functionalised graphene heater inks Haydale has made significant progress in developing functionalised ...

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