Elastomers and Rubber Technology

Haydale compounds nanomaterials into a range of elastomers to support customers using nanomaterials in elastomeric products for a range of property improvements, such as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and increased mechanical performance.

Making Elastomers Stronger

Elastomers are used throughout industry in applications ranging from tyres and footwear to hoses, seals and gaskets. Adding a small percentage of graphene to an elastomeric compound such as rubber can:

  • Increase tensile strength
  • Increase abrasion resistance
  • Improve tear strength
  • Improve electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Improve fire retardancy

However, the challenge to achieving all these enhancements in rubber products is even dispersion of the graphene throughout the mix.

Using our patented HDPlas© functionalisation process and extensive expertise in nanomaterial science and engineering we have created a range of rubber masterbatches, functionalised powders and oil concentrates, in which the nanomaterials are pre-dispersed.

When compounded into an elastomer they will deliver the specific property enhancements as desired to meet customer requirements.

Application areas include:

  • Footwear soles, inner soles
  • Tyres for leisure, automotive and utility products
  • Hoses in food, biopharma and chemical processing
  • Aerospace protection, sealing and dampening

Elastomers and Rubber Technology offers enhanced features:

  • Increase resistance and strength
  • Even dispersion
  • Masterbatches, functionalised powders, oil concentrates available
  • NR, EPDM, HNBR, VMQ process oils
  • Trial quantities available


Case studies

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