Turning up the heat

Haydale developing functionalised graphene heater inks

Haydale has made significant progress in developing functionalised graphene heater inks.

In 2019, Haydale collaborated with the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating at Swansea University to develop a prototype graphene-based heater for use in wearables. The garments were wore by elite athletes at the Tokyo Games.

Uniform Graphene Heat

The graphene heater was then subjected to various tests to evaluate its performance, including heating efficiency, flexibility, and durability. The results showed that the graphene-based heater was able to generate and distribute heat evenly across the entire surface and was able to reach high temperatures quickly and efficiently. The heater was also found to be highly flexible and durable.


Heater inks case study demonstrating the thermal spread across a graphene heating panel.

Thermal image of the heat signature demonstrating the coverage in a Haydale heater ink thermal panel.


Graphene Underfloor Heating

Since then, Haydale has continued to develop its range of graphene heater inks and has expanded their applications to include the development of flexible and lightweight heaters for other industries, such as mobile heating and low power solution in the energy sector. These heaters have the potential to revolutionise the way we heat and cool our homes and workplaces and could lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability.