Our technology innovation areas

Functionalised nanomaterials to protect against lightning strike – increasing through-thickness electrical conductivity by 600% with the potential to go further and silicon carbide fibre for hard edge cutting tools to manufacture turbine blades.

Graphene-enhanced prepreg for tooling and parts, improving mechanical or thermal properties, design expertise and silicon carbide coatings.


Optimised graphene and silver inks for biosensor devices, compatible with diagnostic self-test readers for diabetes patients – showing potential for large-scale cost reduction.

Graphene enhanced 3D printing filament for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Working with a major cookware brand on scratch resistant coatings with improved thermal response.


Nano-enhanced prepreg for transforming sports equipment and improving performance and graphene-based printed sensors and heating elements for use in new wearable technologies.


Graphene-enhanced material R&D for future boat builds and sail concepts, delivering weight reduction and increased strength.