Haydale continues to develop its range of masterbatch, prepreg and resins for use in composite manufacturing, offering enhanced mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Haydale specialises in the design, testing, certification and commercialisation of composite structures.

Electrically Enhanced Prepreg – Commercial Aviation

Haydale’s electrically enhanced prepreg has been specifically designed to enhance the electrical conductivity of the laminate in aerospace applications (both aviation and low earth orbit satellites).

The enhanced resin provides improved performance for use in lightning strike, edge glow and electrical screening. The material can be used for structural components or for enclosures for electronic avionics systems.

Mechanically Enhanced Prepreg – Component Manufacturing

Haydale has developed a range of nanomaterial enhanced prepregs for use in the manufacture of sporting goods and other component prepreg applications.

The prepreg materials have shown significant performance improvements in comparison to standard materials. By successfully embedding HDPlas© functionalised nanomaterials into polymers, prepregs with enhanced mechanical properties can be produced offering improved performance in interlaminar shear and fracture toughness.

Thermally Enhanced Prepreg – Composite Tooling

Haydale has an established global supply chain creating a competitive manufacturing process for nanomaterial enhanced composite prepregs, demonstrating enhanced thermal management by improving thermal conductivity.

One of the applications in which the material is proving successful is for composite tooling, which is widely used in the manufacture of composite component parts because of the significant reduction in mismatch in the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) between materials when compared to metal tooling.

Haydale has successfully embedded HDPlas© functionalised nanomaterials into polymers and has produced prepregs with a 30% increase in thermal conductivity.

Easily Mixed with Masterbatch and Resins

Graphene can revolutionise the performance of your composite and polymer materials:

  • Weight reduction
  • Increased strength
  • Improved thermal and electrical conductivity

Small amounts of graphene can achieve large improvements, evenly and consistently dispersed in polyurethane thermosets and composite materials.

Graphene alone is difficult to work with, which is why we have created a range of masterbatches targeting a range of thermoplastics opening new possibilities for injection moulded parts or 3D printing filaments.

Haydale composites offer enhanced features:

  • Range of masterbatches, prepreg and resins available
  • Improved performance for lightning strike
  • Improved interlaminar shear and fracture toughness
  • Increased composite tooling life
  • Thermosets and thermoplastics


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