Silar Cutting Tools

The selection of cutting tool material and grade is an important factor to consider when planning a successful metal cutting operation.

Ceramic cutting tools have excellent wear resistance at high cutting speeds. Haydale’s Silar cutting tools are manufactured using the highest quality silicon carbide whiskers, products, particulate, fibres and microfibres.

The inclusion of SiC whiskers provides hardness second only to diamond. Whisker-reinforced cutting tools offer both increased toughness and wear resistance, making them ideal for machining a variety of workpiece materials including Ni-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, hardened steels, gray cast, ductile, nodular irons, and mill rolls. Cutting with reinforced or whiskered, ceramic inserts requires high surface speed and balanced feed rates.

Enhanced Silicon Carbide Cutting Tools

Silar cutting tools are designed for heavy material removal in roughing and semi-finishing applications and offer the perfect solution for high-speed machining of heat resistant super alloys.

  • More than 10x the metal removal rate compared to traditional tungsten carbide cutting tools
  • Excellent fracture resistance
  • Increased hardness and toughness
  • Extreme heat and wear resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • New and novel CT-10 grade of whiskered tools that delivers superior surface finish compared to traditional whisker tools

Aerospace Cutting Tools

As demand for lightweight materials in the aerospace industry increases, Haydale can manufacture new grades and tooling that specialise in machining hard-to-cut materials.

With higher speed and feed rates, Silar cutting tools deliver consistent results and longer life in applications for:

  • Rough turning (O.D. & I.D.)
  • Semi finishing (O.D. & I.D.)
  • Milling
  • Grooving

Steel Mill Cutting Tools

Haydale’s steel mill inserts offer an optimal choice for milling fracking blocks and for milling flats on mill roll necks.

Steel mill geometries are used to remove heavy material in the most demanding rough turning conditions. Inserts are available for:

  • Nodular iron mill rolls
  • Hardened steel mill rolls
  • Ductile iron mill rolls
  • Stainless steel weld overlays / repair work on mill rolls
  • Back up rolls
  • D2 hardened tool steel

Automotive Cutting Tools

It is essential for turning and milling tools in automotive applications to wear evenly with minimal maintenance in the most demanding applications.

To meet the workflow and high output demands, Haydale has a range of inserts for the automotive industry using SiC whiskers that are long-lasting and deliver consistent and reliable results as well as:

  • High Fracture resistance for consistent cutting in interrupted and continuous operations
  • High DOC capability (Max .100”)
  • Speed capability of 2,400+ SFM in cast iron
  • Feed rate capability of .018” + IPR

Our Silar® inserts are designed for heavy DOC material removal in cast iron, compacted graphite iron (CGI), ductile iron, nodular iron, hardened steels (transmission components), white iron, chilled iron, and powdered metals.

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Cutting tools offer enhanced features:

  • High temperature
  • Scratch and wear resistant
  • Super strong
  • Super tough
  • Automotive, aerospace, mill roll


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