Haydale GNPs enhance clothing for iCraft and Pro-Specs

Haydale, (AIM: HAYD), the global advanced materials group, is pleased to announce that following the successful incorporation of graphene nano-platelets (GNPs) in its cosmetic face mask sheets and PPE face masks, iCraft is using Haydale’s functionalised GNPs in its graphene-coated fabric, THERMiT™.

Addressing a need for increased performance in terms of thermal and antibacterial properties, Haydale’s plasma functionalised GNPs have been used to coat the nylon fibres in the lining of a down jacket. The graphene coated fabric, THERMiT™, was supplied to South Korean sports apparel brand, Pro-Specs, for use in a new graphene-enhanced jacket. The initial production run of 8,000 items, which was available in store and online, sold out within weeks of being released.

Using Haydale’s patented HDPlas® functionalisation process the GNPs are applied to the nylon lining. The functionalised nanomaterials give the jacket an increased thermal insulation rate of more than 6% when compared to conventional nylon fabrics.

Unlike normal clothing materials, graphene is inherently bacteriostatic and in clothing provides enhanced anti-bacterial properties. Combined with the increased thermal conductivity, Haydale’s GNPs offer a way of enhancing performance clothing in a way not available from other companies in South Korea.

In collaboration with Haydale, iCraft plans to develop the fabric further including combining it with other wearable devices. At this early stage the parties are not yet able to anticipate how iCraft’s increased use of functionalised GNP’s will impact the volume requirements in the three-year contract that the parties signed in September 2020.

Yongjoon Lee, iCraft, Project Manager, said: “iCraft has worked with Haydale to develop graphene products and bring them to the Korean and Asian markets. Due to the excellent THERMiT™ sales results, we will continue to use it and focus on securing large domestic customer orders in premium graphene-enhanced clothing.”

Keith Broadbent, Haydale CEO, said: “There is growing interest in graphene-enhanced clothing, and we are delighted to see the application of functionalised GNPs in a premium garment. We expect demand for graphene wearables to continue to grow particularly in areas of e-textiles, smart fabrics and heated garments.”