Haydale launches new US website focused on Silar® cutting tool technology

Exciting news from our US team! This month sees the launch of a brand new website for Haydale Ceramic Technologies (HCT), focussing on its engineering solutions dedicated to its Silicon Carbide cutting tools services.

The new site haydalecuttingtools.com is a focussed digital platform dealing only with cutting tool technology to assist in the sales and marketing of our unique product offering.

Haydale Ceramic Technologies (HCT) is a world leading manufacturer of Silicon Carbide (SiC) ceramic materials with the largest installed capacity for volume production across America, Europe and the APAC regions. HCT developed the world’s first whisker reinforced tools and continues to lead in materials engineering and innovation in this category.

Produced in the US, cutting tools are manufactured using the highest quality SiC products, particulate, fibres and microfibres.

Commenting on the important strategic development for the Group, VP Tom Quantrille said:

“At Haydale, we strive to be innovative, cost effective, and easy to do business with. We emphasise consultative sales, focus on customer problems, and develop cost-effective solutions. The market for SiC cutting tools has huge potential and we wanted to provide our network of agents, partners and customers with an easy to navigate resource tool and shop window for our fantastic product range.”

For further information on the Silar® range of products contact us at: silar@haydale.com