We are creating the next generation of products and applications.

Through selecting, processing and supplying bespoke nano and other advanced materials, we are developing “additives” that will enhance the quality and performance of applications and products across multiple industries. We call it “functional intensity”.

haydale products

Our R&D efforts span multiple projects demonstrating depth of knowledge which are funded by Government and Industry cross-sector partners. It allows us to acquire new knowledge, techniques, and develop new technologies that have the potential to create material change. Our work is focused on strong market feedback as we continue to focus on tangible, commercially driven business outcomes.

At Haydale we combine our deep scientific knowledge and technological innovation with extensive engineering know-how to create products that will deliver unprecedented performance.

Haydale has developed an exciting & evolving portfolio of functionalised Nano-enhanced additives for Thermoset & Thermoplastic Composites, Thermoplastics, Elastomers & Processing Oils, Silicon Carbide, Inks & 3D Printing sectors. These cutting edge nano-materials are helping to enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution.