Haydale has a range of functionalised nanomaterial enhanced epoxy resin based masterbatches for use in the composites industry.

These novel materials, when combined with glass or carbon fibre to form prepreg materials, exhibit performance uplifts in terms of mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity in the final composite component.

The nanomaterial enhanced epoxy masterbatches are highly loaded with bespoke functionalised nanomaterials so that the loading level in the final composite can be tailored to deliver the desired property improvements. 

Graphene as a carbon is relatively inert as are carbon nanotubes and other pristine nanomaterials. o ensure nanomaterial’s superior properties can be blended into our customers’ products, compatible chemical groups are added to the material surface to enable effective dispersion of the nano material (‘functionalised’). 

Our patented HDPlas® low temperature plasma process offers the most effective method of achieving this nanomaterial functionalisation and harnesses the true potential of graphene. The right material with the right level of functionalisation (like nitrogen, oxygen and flourine functionality, such as amines and carboxyl groups) is essential for the specific application or product.


These functionalised materials masterbatches are now available for companies to trial and bespoke formulations can also be developed.

Haydale envisage that the materials could also find applications outside of the composite sector, for example, in electronics potting compounds, coatings and adhesives.