Second Innovation in low power hot water development passes to next stage

Haydale in conjunction with Cadent Gas Limited is into the second stage of developing a Low Power Hot Water (LPHW) solution to support potentially vulnerable customers.

Cadent is one of the companies licensed by the regulator Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) to distribute gas in specific regions of the UK.

There are potentially up to 4 million customers in the UK who at some point could be at risk of not having access to hot water or heating.

Stage 1 saw the development of a kitchen based hot water tank providing hot water in times of emergency and off grid power situations, Stage 2 sees the provision of a solution for the bathroom in the form of a portable shower. The product, a Graphene Ink based portable water heater, is a solution to enable customers to wash, clean and live independently if they are off gas or electricity.

This innovation will be cost effective, reliable, lightweight and impressively effective.

The advanced materials inside (in the form of insulating graphene inks) mean the water heats up faster and stays warmer longer and enables a shower action without pumping mechanism.

The products go into the next stage of development in March 2024 followed by further product development, in market testing and commercialisation, further updates to follow!