CeramycGuard is a unique surface layer technology for the protection of concrete assets in harsh environments. Using Haydale’s proprietary Silicon Carbide Microfibre SI-TUFF along with Alumina and Zirconia Silicates it can be applied to renew and preserve concrete surfaces.

Superior to Coatings

Coatings such as epoxies and paints “stick” to the surface and degrade and fail due to exposure to water, trapped water vapor, and/or UV light. Trapped moisture leads to bacterial growth, leading to cracking, spalling, rebar rusting, and eventual failure.

The dense ceramic polymer wraps around and chemically bonds to all elements in the concrete, shielding the surface from the environment. CeramycGuard is not affected by wet/dry or freeze/thaw cycles, and will not peel, flake, chalk, or delaminate.

Carbon Reduction

The repair rather than replace approach to concrete structures has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

The CeramycGuard system can be up to 50 times better than the alternative systems on the market in terms of CO2 values, which is a 98% reduction in CO2/m2.

The enhanced properties of CeramycGuard means that service life of assets can be significantly increased. This, coupled with the extremely low CO2 emissions from the product itself, leads to an overall more environmentally friendly solution.

Extend Service Life

The suite of CeramycGuard products includes QuartzSeal and ComposiCoat.

QuartzSeal is a penetrating, chemically bonded, inorganic sealant that when applied over CeramycGuard further inhibits water and chemical pollutants and helps to seal out dust, dirt and protects against stains. It also offers a biological impervious, super clean surface.

The CeramycGuard base coat can be further enhanced for other applications such as flooring using ComposiCoat.

The floor finish system replaces chemically unstable concrete with an ultra-stable ceramic-urethane composite to protect it from chemical and physical erosion. It also makes flooring biologically impervious eliminating microbial habitat and continuously prevents microbial invasion and growth.

Award Winning

CeramycGuard achieved the prestigious title of ‘Materials Application of the Year’ at the 2022 British Engineering Excellence Awards (BEEAs).

Haydale coatings offer enhanced features:

  • Unique surface layer technology
  • Protects concrete in harsh environments
  • Chemically bonds to the surface
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Award winning – BEEAs 2022


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