Haydale visits Staircraft to view progress on underfloor heating trials

Specialist structural flooring manufacturers Staircraft have trialled the use of Haydale’s unique graphene based functional ink for application on their innovative chipboard flooring system. Significant investment has been made to get the new flooring system to adopt a heating solution that is cost effective and easy to install.

In a groundbreaking trial, Staircraft have seen very encouraging results and are now focused on continuing to collect definitive data before introducing the concept to their customer base. Numerous ink alternatives were used throughout the trial and Staircraft Project Manager, Dr Luke Whale said of the Haydale offering:

“We were unsure at first if the concept would work. We have tried a number of inks from different suppliers, and the Haydale formulation has come out on top. The consistency and usability of Haydale’s flexible conductive ink has impressed me and the technical team. The tests so far have proven that this new innovation in heated flooring is energy efficient and effective, and we are excited about its potential.”

By applying Haydale’s functional inks to Staircraft’s market leading pre-cut flooring panels, via a low voltage power source, it is hoped that consumers will have the option of a controllable and energy efficient method of heating their homes. This will assist the drive for energy saving solutions and innovations for home heating which is at the heart of helping builders and consumers to contribute in the race to Net Zero.

For further information please visit Haydale at haydale.com or contact via info@haydale.com or Staircraft at staircraftgroup.com